In memoriam Stephen Beszedits

In February, 2017, we received the sad news of the passing away of Stephen Beszedits from one of his childhood friends in Szeged. He was born in Budapest on February 25th, 1946. He was educated in the United States and Canada.

We have been in contact with Stephen Beszedits since 2002 until the time of his unexpected death. He was interested in the Vasvary Collection and sent us a lot of material mainly related to the Hungarian participants of the Civil War, and to Hungarians in Toronto. Besides, he wrote numerous articles for the Vasváry Collection Newsletter. His last article was published in the December, 2016 issue, titled Toronto's Early Hungarians.

He died on January 31, 2017, in Toronto. A funeral mass was held on at 11 a.m. February 21, 2017 at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church at 432 Sheppard Ave. East in Toronto.
Our hearts go out to the family. His memory will stay with those remembering him in Szeged as well.

Please see below for the bibliography of Stephen Beszedits's articles in the Vasváry Collection Newsletter:


Stephen Beszedits's articles in the Vasváry Collection Newsletter

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